' We were delighted to hear that Marvellous Superfood were developing their own “Super Protein”. A blend of protein rich superfoods,  This protein is suitable for vegans it is organic and gluten, dairy yeast  and sugar free – what’s not to love! We love to mix ours with our green juices or simply with coconut milk as a post-workout shake. If you’re looking for a super healthy protein source which is artificial and processed sugar and sweetener free, then this is your bag!  http://www.jdvfitness.co.uk/marvellous-superfood-protein/ '
JDV fitness
' Ive been using marvellous super protein powder for three weeks on a daily basis now. Im a juicer, I drink about five pints of freshly extracted juice every day. Im also training very hard at the moment. The week before the three weeks using super protein I didnt use it at all...just to see what would happen. The result of not using it was noticably slower muscle recovery. Once a week I do a body analysis check, and that week id actually lost muscle mass even though my training hadnt changed. At the moment im gaining muscle mass and loosing body fat which is awesome! What about the taste of it? In juice you can tell that its there, but it hasnt actually got an overpowering taste. its less "grity" than mainstream protein powders and far more easily digestable. What first attracted me to marvellous superfood protein? Its ethical, local, even the packaging is kind to the environment. The main reason I use super protein on a daily basis is the digestability of it. '
Rhiannon Taylor
' Hi guys, just want to say I am really enjoying the protein formula, I've noticed results quicker and my energy and endurance levels have gone up too I now consider this essential to my diet! Thanks x '
Jason Medley
' The first thing I noticed starting using the superfoods last year was increased circulation, muscle fullness and vascularity, Very noticeable difference after a few weeks without it on our last holiday. This new protein powder should be a good addition, the main thing I find so far is a rush of energy from it, and training has been more constructive this week. Early days but all promising at the moment. I also mix it in my morning smoothie with my super foods and hemp protein serious power breakfast '
Ryan Fleming
' Just ordered another 450g bag of the great green stuff to be sent to Ireland. I can't praise it enough and love it anytime in good cloudy apple juice.... '
Cloe Snoek
' your m.s.f is most excellent. i find it works best taking it first thing in a morning mixed with a pint of water. i also add 6 drops of lugols iodine and borax (which converts to boric acid in the body) with magnesium and selenium supplement tablets. i tend to take 2 heaped tablespoons of m.s.f twice daily, this indeed uses up a 450g bag in 2 weeks but the cost is relative and cheap for the benefits given which are increased energy, stronger immune function and digestive absorbtion and cleansing. as an important aside borax coupled with magnesium reverses arthritis at ANY stage by redepositing stripped bone calcium. reference nexus magazine vol.10 no. 4 written by australian bio chemist walter last. you can find his website @ www.health-science-spirit.com as yourselves, this great man is exactly what humanity needs! '
James Fleming
' I bought some of your products in Holland & Barrett Malta while I was on vacation from school in Italy. I LOVE IT! I had been looking for something like that here but can not find it. I stocked up but I may need to have one more bag shipped before I leave in May. Thank You! It is amazing! '
' Just wanted to say 'thank you' for the powder - it arrived yesterday, the day after i ordered it! Thanks so much - you can not beat the service of small, family businesses who maintain the ethos of 'looking after their customers'. '
' We love Marvellous Superfood, as well as your new Hemp Protein and Red Macca. Thank you for making these wonderful things! We find that when we make a smoothie with Superfood, it keeps us going all afternoon. Yum! '
' I ran out of marvellous superfood before Xmas and have really noticed the difference when I'm not taking it .. Need to get its fantastic benefits back in my life quickly! xx '
' Just received my gift boxes through the post. A treat to myself : ) LOVE your products '
' we loved it in our house! just ordered our second lot x '
' I don't just like it, I love it. I have a very good healer friend called Charlie O'Taney, I think he'd love this too. Anyway top vibration ladies. Keep putting out the love xxx '
' this stuff is great for getting rid of colds! '
' I REALLY love this stuff. Plus a Bit of hemp protein and smoothie. Job done. Who needs anything else? '
' Love it, so lucky to have access to such great health, thank you xxx '
' Back on the Marvellous Superfood .. time to get my lazy backside into gear and your powder mixed with juice first thing gets me going !!! It really does help me and puts a spring in my step .... thank you xx '
' Love your maca - its the best i've tasted - great energy boost. husband also loved it - felt very energised too x  '
' I've been taking your supplement for 3 weeks and have noticed a definite change in my energy levels - I have used it to support me in dietary changes (from veggie to vegan) and have found i have no cravings and my achey body feels so much better. thank you. '
Jayne xx
' Feel like a different person. Marvelllous Superfood doesn't give it enough justice. Got more energy and vitality than ever before. my mum is now on it xxx It's amazing. '
' "I lost 4 stone (over an 18 month period) switching to a low carb diet. I counteracted the BIB by having a 'superfood' smoothie once a day. I used Marvellous Superfood, I also added a teaspoon of turmeric which can help break up fat cells and has loads of other health benefits" '
' I got my beautifully written parcel today! super quick delivery, I just ordered it yesterday. I would like to say a massive thank you for my hemp protein. We have enjoyed a melon, banana, mango and lime smoothie with a spoon of each, feeling absolutely marvellous now! thanks again, peace and love xxx '
Maymuna Best
' Ever since I have come across this Marvellous Superfood I have been recommending it to patients, as well as using it myself, with wonderful results. Along with Floradix, it is my most recommended product. '
Jo Phillips Acupuncture BSc(Hons)
' Superfast delivery too!! Only placed order yesterday! Well, I tried a teaspoonful in my honey&lemon drink straight away and it certainly is a lovely fine powder thus meaning it dissolves very well and, of course, must mean there's a lot of goodness compacted into just one teaspoonful. Many thanks! '
' Love this stuff! Favourite b/fast smoothie atm is the juice of one lemon, an inch of root ginger, a banana, a carrot, tsp macca, tsp, camu camu, tablespoon Marvellous Superfood, tablespoon coconut flour, a handful of raspberries from the garden whizzed up in the blender with however much water or apple juice needed. Full of goodness and energy Love it! '
' Finally back home after summer work madness and back on my superfood. Feel a thousand million times better. Love Marvellous Superfood. X '
' my muscles are nourished with my superfood smoothie everyday so my back is so much better that means more work and that means more superfood, Yay!! I,ll be in touch with an order soon. : ) '
' Been on the Superfood for a week now and I feel Ammmaazzzzziiinnngggg! love it. x mogs '
Happy superfood customer
' I honestly feel like I've been rejuvenated and energized! I have not felt this good in soo many years, hardly suffering anymore depression, tons of energy, head's buzzing with all that I want to do continually! PlusI'm going to bed at all hours but still wanting to get up earlier in the morning! '
' Having tried marvellous Superfood I was amazed at how good it tasted and you could tell the ingredients were of the highest quality. I would not hesitate in recommending this product to my clients, students and colleagues. Well done for providing such a superb product which is blended here in Wales and a huge thank you! '
Bridgette Burnett, Director, Zodiac Complementary Therapy Training
' "Taking Marvellous Superfood every day has completely cleared up my long-standing cystitis. I stopped taking it for a week and cystitis symptoms began to return, but dissappeared completely the first day i resumed Marvellous superfood. I am very grateful" '
Margaret, Ceredigion
' "A Marvellous Super Food smoothie start to the day is making a big, positive difference to improving David's energy levels since having a stroke. " '
Debra, Norfolk
' After trying to get pregnant for over 3 years I finally gave up and accepted that at age 44 it was probably not going to happen! I then decided to improve my health so amongst other things I started taking Marvellous Superfood - 3 weeks later - hey presto! Baby is due in March!! '
Sam Barnes, Lampeter, Ceredigion
' It's so wonderful to be able to share such AN AMAZING HEALTH BENEFIT with everybody that I can!!! I am ever so grateful!!! It fabulous to be feeling sooo well again!!! '
Helen Corridan, UK
' I feel great since taking Marvellous Superfood, more energy day to day and when training I have less cravings for empty calories because my body knows its got the nutrients it needs. '
Ryan Fleming, UK
' I am taking this and it has made a tremendous difference to my energy. I take in Apple Juice to swallow the delicious elixir . '
Sue Parry
' Best green vibrancy I'v sampled ever.Thankyou....va va voooom! '
Rachel Hargrave, Ceredigion, Wales
' Just wanted to let you know that our family is on it's third bag of Marvellous Superfood and loving it.. even 7 month old Seirian can't get enough! :) '
Hannah, Andalucia, Spain
' " I had my first 'dose'of Marvellous Superfood this morning and could literally feel my body thanking me ...already feeling re-energised and inspired to take more care with nutrition..." '
Andrea Vincent, Ceredigion, Wales
' I am seven weeks pregnant and was feeling really tired. I started taking superfood... i'm not tired at all anymore and I feel great. '
Karina Carr, Cardigan
' Marvellous Superfood has helped me lose weight after having my baby... keeps my hunger at bay,and I eat less. '
Mrs W. Carr, Carmarthenshire
' Your Marvellous Superfood has improved my digestion and regularity no end. '
Mrs G. Davidson, Pembrokeshire
' I've been quite ill with Hep C and Marvellous Superfood just pushes it back enough to get me excercising and back into working with the illness instead of being overwhelmed. Thanks! '
Anthony... Brighton
' I feel the benefits immediately.I have more energy and my skin feels healthy.It is really easy to drink and keeps me off rubbish food. All my friends want it! '
Dominique Marples, Diss, Norfolk
' I don't just like it, I love it enough to have it sent all the way to California! B’anna Federico '
B'anna Federico, California
' I'm hooked on Marvellous Superfood .It is so good to have something nutritious and easy to digest when I'm tired and it tastes so much better than other superfoods I've tried. '
Inka, Bury St. Edmonds
' I’ve never felt better, and all this only after 2 weeks. Thanks '