Superfood Breakfast Topper

For the ultimate breakfast topper look no further than our glorious award winning Radiant Health Superfood Breakfast Topper. This glorious fruity combination is realy powerhouse of superfoods, abundantly rich in B vitamins from the bee pollen and vitamin C from the strawberries it's so much more than just a tasty bite! Ingredients: Sprouted buckwheat, golden linseed, freeze dried strawberries and bee pollen.

An Interview with Michael Jamieson - Olympic Athlete

We're delighted to be supporting Michael Jamieson as he prepares for the Olympic Games 2016. Jamieson takes a range of our superfod powders to help keep him in top health. Jamieson kindly took a few minutes out of his busy training schedule to talk to Roxy and answer some questions about his diet and training and why he loves Marvellous Superfood.

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Hunting for a hot chocolate that is sugar free and doesn't contain any nasty artificial sweeteners You've just found it! Our Super Cacao is an all natural drinking chocolate that's as good for you as it is delicious. Made from raw cacao powder, and sweetened with palmyra palm nectar which is an unrefined low GI sweetener the only other thing we've added is high quality Madagascan vanilla bean powder.

Stevie Award Finalists: Women in Business

EXCITING NEWS JUST IN! *Drum roll please*

Marvellous Superfood have been selected as Finalists in the 2015 Stevie Awards for Women in Business by the average scores of more than 120 first-round judges. All Finalists will ultimately be named Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award winners. Placements will be determined in final judging, to be conducted by the members of five specialized committees in late October, and announced at the 12th annual awards dinner on Friday, November 13 in New York City.

Which Sweetener is the Healthiest?

The market is bursting with alternative sweeteners and sugar replacements. It can be hard to know which ones are truly good for us and what to use them for. So I've put together a quick check guide of our four most popular sweeteners so you can easily see whats what with regards to production, nutrition and use.

Coconut Blossom/Palm Sugar

• What is it? Sap from the blossom of Coconut Palm Tree

Pamlyra Palm Sugar aka Palmyra Jaggery or Suga Vida

We're extremely excited to announce the arrival of a gorgeous new sweetener to our range of organic, fair-trade and ethical superfood products. We are the first UK seller to offer Palmyra Palm Sugar (aka Palmyra Jaggery or Suga Vida) to the market and we can't get enough of it!

Top Food Blog Award

We're delighted to announce that our fledling clean eating food blog has been included in a list of Top UK Food Blogs by Rebate Zone and listed at number seventeen! We've had a lot going on recently but aim to get new recipes up soon.




ZAO Make-up Matt Lipstick Review

I'ts extremely hard to find a natural, organic lipstick that looks and feels good. Many of them feel dry on the lips, while others bleed or smudge within minutes of application. Not ZAO! This eco-luxury brand has really nailed it when it comes to their lipsticks.

The Marvellous family needs your help!

We have to get our most loved product nutritionally analysed in order to keep it on sale, so we’ve decided to offer fantastic discounts and subscription deals to all of our customers, old and new.

New laws state that we have to display the nutritional content on all products. The cost of the analysis for our blend is around £5,000 and we simply don’t have that kind of money sitting in the bank. It has to be done by 2016 or we’ll have to stop selling our beloved blend!

ZAO Mineral Silk Powder Review

Did you know that around 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by our body? I had no idea, but since learning that fact my long term love affair with Mac Cosmetics has really started to dwindle - every time I put my make-up on I just imagine it all sinking into my system!  So in a bid to save my body from nasties and the world from my naked face I'm going to start checking out and reviewing natural, organic make-up brands in the hope that over time I will have a completly natural make-up collection.

Raw, Welsh, Heather Honey

We sell Raw, Welsh, Heather honey
Welsh Heather honey has a strong, almost smoky taste and a unique jelly like consistency. Much prized by honey connoisseurs.


To The Perimiter and Beyond

Paul Evans is walking 1100 miles, the entire perimeter of Wales, to raise money for Nepal Earthquake victims with lots of Marvellous Superfood and Super Protein in his ruck sack to keep up his strength, donated by Marvellous Superfood. He has so far raised over £500. Follow his blog on and do send your support in the form of £5 or anything else you can manage for this most worthy of causes.

New shop in Lampeter.

We have been busy bees over the last 3 months transforming 85 bridge st lampeter in to our marvellous new superfood HQ.

Come and try our organic plant based superfood’s and protein powders.

April the 18th from 12pm to 4pm.
Free cake, smoothie’s and protein shakes all day.



Free From Awards

Our super protein powder is shortlisted for the Foods matter free from awards, it beat hundreds of hopeful applicants when it was selected as one of the sixteen potential winners in the “superfood” category.
We look forward to the awards ceremony in April when the winners will be announced and awarded by Free From Awards patron Antony Worrall Thompson.

Organic Beetroot Powder

We've recently introduced organic beetroot powder to our range. This vibrant powder is proving extremely popular. It can be used to add extra nutrients, colour and sweetness to superfood smoothies but it is also fantastic for sugar free baking.

Bee pollen

Our bee pollen is Spanish. It’s produced from an array of wildflowers including Lavandula Stoechas Cistus, and Genista. Spanish bee pollen is exceptionally high quality. It has outstanding nutritional values, a sweet taste, fresh aroma and gorgeous golden hue.

Worldwide Maca Shortage

We're sad to report that due to a worldwide shortage we don't currently have any maca for sale. The Peruvian plant has quickly become a firm favourite with many of our customers but in recent months the price of this potent Peruvian plant has gone sky high and we've struggled to source any powder at a price that we're willing to pay.

Coconut Oil Recipes

We've recently introduced coconut oil to our range of products and are all extremely excited about the endless ways it can improve our health, skin and the taste of our food. Coconut oil is popular with chefs around the globe because it can be heated to a far hotter heat than any other oil before it reaches burning point - this means

Sugar Free Protein Powder

It can be hard to find a natural protein powder that's sugar free and doesn't contain artificial sweeteners or flavours. Our Super Protein Powder is a sugar free protein powder made entirely of natural ingredients. Offering over 45% protein from vegetarian sources this blend also offers a real vitamin and amino acid boost. Perfect to support an active lifestyle or top up your protein levels our unique blend is now available in 1kilo bags and 150gram bags.

Best Vegetarian Protein Powder

Hemp and pea protein are some of the best protein sources known to man. Hemp protein contains all the essential amino acids and many of the nonessential ones too. It is a healthy, renewable and digestible source. We've combined hemp and pea protein with goji, and maca to create one of the best protein powders available anywhere. This unique blend is sweetened with the lacuma fruit. Our vegetarian protein powder contains no artificial sweeteners or refined sugars and still it tastes great!

The Natural Living expo

We will be at the natural living expo in sawnsea in 2 Weeks time!!!!!
FREE Talks & Workshop times will be posted on website this week . Don't forget FREE ENTRY to all our visitors And it's a Bank Holiday Weekend !!!!


Due to the expansion of our range from now onwards we will refer to our original superfood blend as
all 100g bags will now have the new term written on them with immediate effect and the 450g ones will see the change when we finish our print run.


Our next event is

Natural living expo Swansea.
on May 3rd & 4th 2014 @ The L.C Swansea.

This expo is all about a natural and holistic way of life,

with around 80 exhibitor stands, taster sessions, free talks and workshops,

free demonstrations and wonderful vegetarian food.

10% off all products for a limited time

For a limited time.

Our Superfood Blend, is a green powder, made in Wales in the UK, from seven highly nutritious, organic ingredients: Chlorella, Spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, kelp, hemp and beetroot powder.
The result is a green superfood powder packed with easily absorb-able minerals, vitamins, and protein.

Superfood Protein Powder

Our new super protein powder is unlike any other protein powder available. It is a unique combination of natural protein and superfoods. Made from pea and hemp protein with added goji, beetroot, maca and lacuma. It tastes great and is easily absorbable. It's available in 1k  bags and 150g bags. For full nutritional information see below, for pricing please see our shop page.

Vegetarian & Vegan Protein Powder

Super Protein Powder Now available on our Shop page. 100% vegetarian/vegan protein powder.

Packed full of protein rich superfood powders this unique sugar free protein powder blend is gluten, dairy, and yeast free as well as being 100% organic. It contains no artificial or processed sugars or sweeteners and is suitable for coeliacs and diabetics.

Another reason to go organic – it’s more nutritious

By Roxy Freeman

Following on from my last blog about the importance of nutrient dense food, I was interested to look into whether organic food is actually higher in nutrients than non-organic.

While many people agree that it’s better not to pile pesticides and chemicals into your body, there has been very little coverage of the health benefits with regards to nutrient density. That’s not to say the research hasn’t been done, it has, but for whatever reason it hasn’t been widely reported.

Sugar Free Protein Powder - no Artificial Sweeteners

Boost your health and optimise your bodie’s performance with our new Super Protein Powder!

Packed full of protein rich, superfood powders this unique blend is vegan, wheat and yeast free as well as being 100% organic.

Made with a base of Hemp Protein powder we’ve added Goji, Lacuma, Maca and Beetroot to create a delicious, protein rich, absorbable superfood powder.

Sweetered with the lacuma fruit this protein powder contains NO arificial sweeteners and NO processed sugars.

Marvellous Maca Sweets

Hello everyone. I have discovered a wonderful way to use Maca powder and coconut oil to create a truly yummy and healthful sweet!
All you need is some Marvellous Maca Powder and Coconut Oil, some good honey, and some vanilla.
Just slowly melt about a quarter cup of coconut oil on a very gentle heat, then remove form heat and stir in enough maca powder to make a pasty sort of mixture, add up to a tablespoon or more of honey depending on how sweet you like it (could also be maple syrup). Then add about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.

Maca benefits for men and women.

Peruvian Maca Root is a root vegetable that has grown wild high in the Andes mountain ranges of Peru for thousands of years.